Man collecting plastic waste

Did you know that only 9% of the worlds plastic waste actually gets recycled. 

Our company actively seeks to create a world of fun recycled products for children and at the same time raise awareness for the devastating effect that plastic pollution is having on the planet.

We work locally with schools and organisations in raising awareness of climate change. Events we have organised include children's litter picks, beach clean-ups, radio shows and protest marches.

Our goals at a national level are to force sustainable change to the retail markets here in the UK and Europe. These markets are currently dominated by virgin plastics with limited sustainable alternatives.

At an international level, our company is part of the global revolution for recycling plastic waste. We are part of a circular economy that adopts a cradle
to cradle approach to manufacturing and connects you to the whole story. 

The overall change to society is not going to happen overnight and neither
is it realistic to think that plastic is going to go away anytime soon. Polyester
production, for example, has increased globally at a sustained rate of 7% per
year since 1990.

Our emphasis is very much on how we start to reuse this valuable resource
rather than remove it. Join the revolution and help us make recycled products everyday items.