Every great story starts with an idea, from that who knows where it will end up.


Our idea was to take a different approach to source, manufacture and sell products and one that involves showing how we do it as well.


The story starts back in 2016 when we first began to learn about the devastating effect plastic waste was having on our planet. We knew that there must be a better way of addressing the issues surrounding this and set to work finding a way to make a difference.


Plastic has been such an incredible material for us and still is but it's the disposing of this that has caused problems. This is where our journey begins and where we first decided to start looking.


Our mission is to create a world of exciting clothing/accessory products for children all made from recycled waste and stop at nothing until we reach 100%. We're on the right track with our latest ranges coming in at over 85%.


Sourcing our raw materials


The raw materials that we use are all post-consumer waste such as discarded plastic drinks bottles. We incentivise collection of these by attaching value to them and support people and communities in the process.


Manufacturing our products


All of the factories that we use are part of our open and transparent supply chain. These factories are inspected regularly and we ensure that the workers receive fair pay and good standards of working conditions.


Our sales model


We sell all of our products with a tracking code so you can find out where they have come from and how they were made. We can even tell you how many plastic items have gone into the item you have purchased. 


We're not just selling products we're telling you our story as well. We want to educate the next generation that wears our products and make them aware of the importance of recycling our waste.