Ethical Buying Policy Image

Kooties takes a strong stance on sourcing, buying and retaining relationships with all of our suppliers.

Although at the very early stages of our companies development we have not cut any corners when it comes to our buying policies.

The stigma attached to using recycled waste has existed for many years but we can now lay any concerns to rest with our certified traceable supply chain that we operate through every stage of our products development. By partnering with our suppliers we are able to document every stage of our products journey from source to shelf.

We have a strong commitment to responsibly sourcing every part of our supply chain and visit and regularly inspect every company we work with. We also ensure that the workers employed by these companies have good working conditions and fair pay.

Our materials come with a Global Recycling Standard certification and are tested for all relevant standards for UK and European markets.

Creating a sustainable future for our children will forever remain at the forefront of our efforts.