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You don’t have to be a superhero to save the planet.


Since Kooties began, forging a path for a more sustainable future has been at the heart of everything we do. Inspiring the next generation to show that we can begin to address the devastating effect plastic pollution has had on the planet. 



With your support, we can begin to tackle the overwhelming amount of plastic waste produced globally every day and here’s how we do it.




Raw materials 


Here at Kooties, we deal with the end of life consumer plastic such as single-use water bottles. We throw away 16 million of these every day here in the UK and the recycling target for reuse is still a long way from where it needs to be. We openly document all of the processes we use, and you can see this in one of our story videos.




Energy Usage 


By recycling post-consumer waste plastic compared to creating new we can significantly reduce the amount of energy used at the production stage by up to 70%.




Carbon emissions


We produce up to 75% fewer carbon emissions from our re-products compared to that of new virgin plastics. Want to know how? Then catch up with one of our story videos which demonstrates the whole process.




Water usage


Water usage is also significantly reduced during the manufacturing process by up to 85% compared to that of new plastic production. Water is a valuable resource and we continue our efforts towards reducing our use of this.




Packaging and shipping 


Being an eCommerce store presents its own set of unique problems for packaging and shipping and this is something we will be looking into for 2020. Please be patient during this time as we strive to go 100% recycled with all our packaging and look into reducing our carbon footprint and delivering our goods to you in the most sustainable way possible.




Product end of life recovery


This is the ultimate goal for us to recover our products at the end of their life or be able to provide you with the correct guidance on how to place these into the relevant recycling stream. (Stay tuned, we're working on it!)






Our recycling impact is communicated directly to our customers through our own product labels. On our labels, you can see information as to what’s been used to create that item and the difference you’ve made by purchasing it.


Creating a sustainable future for our children will forever remain at the forefront of our efforts.




Our campaigning forms an important part of communicating our message about creating a more sustainable future for the next generation. If you think you can help with this then we would love to hear from you. The more people we have on-board the stronger our cause becomes.




By the time we reach 2025, we aim to have recycled over 40,000,000 waste plastic items into new products. 




Our source to shelf journey


The recycled plastic used to create our products comes from both land and sea. We openly document its journey from source to shelf so you can see for yourself that by purchasing from us you are becoming part of the global drive for repurposing plastic waste.