Where did the idea come from?

We are a busy active family of five.

Three years ago, we found the washing machine working overtime with a constant stream of our children’s stained clothing.

Messy play at nursery/pre-school, days out in parks, bike rides, snacks, meals at home and eating out, parties, camping and numerous other situations familiar to anyone with children, left us dealing with the mess daily. It didn’t matter what we did the time-consuming pile of washing was only growing larger.

A constant search for suitable products took us from tabards/sleeved bibs which only offered part coverage, to all in one rain suits which were restrictive and expensive. But none of these really appealed to the children and none were suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

At the same time media attention was growing around issues such as the fire safety of mass produced children's clothing and the leaching of microplastics into the oceans from everyday washing machine cycles. From this the coveralls & Kooties was born!

Listed below is what we set out to achieve when creating the children’s coverall.

  1. Must be safe- The coverall is non-ignition and has been fully tested and certified for sale here in the UK.
  2. Must be fun- Designed by parents and kids to create appealing designs. This means the children are playing without realising they’re in a protective suit.
  3. Must be protective- Without getting too technical, the coverall is water resistant and non-ignition meaning Kooties are safe to use at outdoor events and parties.
  4. Must be affordable- budgets are tight for everyone, no more so than for parents.
  5. Must be recyclable- Our product is made using recycled plastic By-products and can be recycled afterwards.                                                                      
  6. Must be easy for the parents to clean up afterwards- As we are not machine washable, we can be recycled afterwards through textile recycling schemes, please check your local area to see what these are.

Reduce the wash cycles and extend the life of your children’s clothing by protecting them when they’re getting messy.