We would like to tell you,

We would like to tell you,

 Here are some facts about the Kooties coveralls,

  • The coveralls are fully safety tested for sale here in the UK and Europe (As the product has been designed by parents, safety was the first thing on our minds when developing the coveralls).
  • We’re limited use (once you’ve finished using us don’t put us in the washing machine, our aim is to reduce the wash cycles of children’s clothing, place us in textile recycling so we can go on to become something else).
  • We’re made using recycled plastic (The factory where we are made, has a lot of waste material, we use this when making our coveralls).
  • We’re water resistant (THAT’S RIGHT! The coveralls will protect from rainy days outside, all year-round).
  • We’re breathable (Keep those sweaty children under control, the coveralls have been designed to keep them cool even when their running riot!).
  • We come in a range of fun designs (Here at Kooties we’re constantly thinking up new designs for the coveralls, if you’ve got an idea then let us know or even better, draw us a picture, perhaps we’ll make it!).
Did you Know? You can roll us up and take us away on trips as we can comfortably fit into rucksacks, picnic baskets and handbags. Actually, you can roll us up and take us anywhere!

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